4 Features to Look for in a Water Cooler




Water coolers are an integral part of the office. Lately, it has also become an important addition in most homes. Having one just makes it easier for everyone in the family to drink more than the required 8 glasses a day.

If you’re thinking of getting a water cooler for the home, there are four things you need to take a close look at:


  1. Floor Unit or Table Top?


There are two main types of water coolers: tabletop and floor units. The floor units are typically seen in offices and commercial spaces. They are usually 3 feet in height and use mounted water bottles. This is the bigger model and requires more floor space. The tabletop dispenser, on the other hand, is placed on dining tables or desks. These are much smaller and usually only dispense cold water.


  1. 3 or 5 Gallon Capacity?


Most water dispensers can hold the 3-5 gallon water containers. Most offices have several spare bottles since they go through a lot of water during the day. For home use though, you can opt for the smaller water containers if there are only a few members in the family. Additionally, some homeowners don’t feel at ease when the water in the dispenser has been sitting there for days. They’d rather get the smaller water bottle and replace it more frequently.


  1. Bottom Mount or Mounted?


Top mounted water bottles require some lifting. This could be a problem if you have a bad back or feel you’re not strong enough to hoist gallons of water. Most people get the hang of the technique after a while, but for those who can’t do this, it would be better to get the bottom-mounted system. This one does not rely on gravity to dispense the water since the water container stands upright on the base of the water cooler.


  1. Stainless Steel or Plastic?


Stainless steel water coolers are stronger and are long-lasting. While it costs more than the plastic models, it assures consumers that their drinking water will always taste pure and fresh. Plastic models, for their part, boast of lightweight characteristics which make them portable and easy to maintain. On the downside, some users have complained of a noticeable plastic taste in the water after some time. This may be an indication that is time to clean or replace your water cooler.


Having your own water cooler at home will eliminate the need for complicated water dispensing systems. It also frees up your refrigerator from holding too many water bottles. You can find different models and brands of water coolers online. Compare prices and see which one is best for your home.

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