4 Reasons to Get a Folding Bicycle



Traffic jams are prevalent in Malaysia as it is elsewhere in the world. The volume of vehicles is just too much for roads and highways to handle. Folding bikes have been around for decades but have recently made a comeback.

Here are the top 4 reasons to get a folding bicycle:



Bike to Work Day Photos Copyright Noah Berger / 2015

  1. It’s a Safe Way to Commute


Bikes are an acceptable mode of transportation in most cities in the world. It is safer than driving cars, or motorcycles and is also a good way to help the environment. Since folding bikes are small and compact, some people bike their way to the train station and then conveniently fold their bikes once they arrive. After alighting from the train or bus, they can ride their bikes again to get to their destination.




  1. It’s a Good Workout


Riding a folding bike to work or doing it at leisure is good exercise. If you don’t want to spend extra money on gym or fitness club memberships, you can ride your folding bike around the neighbourhood an hour every day and you’re good to go.





  1. You Can Carry it With You


Folding bikes are not only compact, they’re also lightweight. This means that you can fold your bike and bring it with you to school, work, or inside your house. Unlike conventional bikes which you’d have to chain or lock to bike racks, you can take your folding bikes with you wherever you go, even inside buildings.





  1. It’s a Space Saver


Regular bikes take up room in the garage or the den. A folding bike can be folded and stored inside a closet or even under the bed. When you’re travelling, you don’t need to have a special bike rack mounted on your car to take your bike with you. Just fold the bike and tuck it away at the trunk. It’s that convenient.



You’ll save time, money and stay fit just by using a folding bike. You also won’t have a hard time looking for shops to buy bikes in Malaysia since there are plenty of stores that carry folding bikes. You can also check online for more options.

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