Corrugated Plastic Boxes – Not Just A Box

Corrugated fiberboard design has come a long way since a 19th century patent was filed for the the invention of corrugated paper as a method to maintain the attractiveness of tall hats in England. Since those early days, corrugated cardboard has become the de facto standard for packaging materials and insuring that the items are shipped in a secure box that can handle fragile items as well. A corrugated box manufacturer such as now has many options available as they specialize in engineering custom boxes which meet a client’s individual needs in regards to the hazards of the shipping environment and retail needs to name but a few criteria that may be considered during the development process.


Superseding cardboard in these modern times has been the utilization of corrugated plastic as a superior alternative to the papers of the past. There are many reasons that a corrugated boxes manufacturer may choose this material and as such there are many manufacturers like CLPG which specialize in the productions of these products. Corrugated plastic can be engineered to be food-grade so that the shipping of produce and other consumer food products will be safe and secure. The impact resistance of corrugated plastic boxes as opposed to the alternative cardboard is generally much superior so that everything will remain intact during even the most strenuous of shipping environments. Also, these products are significantly more eco-friendly due to the fact that they can be made from 100% recycled materials which saves energy and the environment. Even the manufacturing process is a contributing factor to health through the elimination of slough dust which is a hazard for paper product manufacturing plants.



It is not just plain old boxes anymore either. The intricacy of these shipping containers can be such that they include dividers which integrate into nice proportions so that product is shipped in a secure fashion. The protection of parts is increased through the use of these dividers and this means that there is a lesser chance of damage to delicate parts such as electronic circuit boards, automobile parts and other items subject to breakage. There are so many industry utilizing this type of packaging material that it is not possible to include an exhaustive list here, but that should be evidence enough for their consideration.


Boxes are no longer the only product being developed at these companies either. Shooting target boards can provide a weather-proof target that is suitable for all levels of firearm target practice. These durable polypropelene targets are covered in various designs that help develop aim whether it be during a top-level firearms training session of a governmental agency or just a casual shooter plinking with his .22 rifle. These targets have found usefulness across the entire spectrum of target practice. Further, custom gifts and souvenirs can be made of the corrugated product so that they resemble crafts, and that can be a novel way to provide a product to a mass amount of people without having to spend a fortune on production costs.

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