Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastic is a plastic sheet that is composed of three layers. The outer two layers are flat, while the center layer is ribbed in texture. This durable material is available in variety of sizes and colors. It can also be made to resist flames, corrosion, and damage from ultraviolet rays. Corrugated plastic, due to its versatility, has many uses. Here are a few of the more common uses of corrugated plastic.


Corrugated signs are one of the most common uses for corrugated plastic. It is easy to print on the material and the signs can be hung using multiple methods like tape, velcro or brackets. Another reason corrugated plastic signs are popular is due to the fact that they are customizable. The signs can be cut into a variety of shapes. It is worth nothing that larger-sized signs may lose their rigidness due to their size. They are also able to withstand the outdoor elements for a prolonged period of time. Political campaigns signs and commercial signs that are placed outdoors are often made from corrugated plastic.



Corrugated plastic is also excellent for use in the packaging of produce, electrical parts, and automotive components. It easily resists impacts and is flexible. The plastic can be cut and stapled to meet any packaging needs. What makes this packing material different is the fact that it is environmentally friendly. Corrugated plastic is made from recycled materials and is recyclable after its use (see:


Boxes and Bins

Corrugated plastic is often used to create plastic bins. The bins are used for everything from storing household items to storing items for transport. Again, the durability of the plastic allows it to have multiple uses. The postal service uses the corrugated plastic boxes as a means of transporting mail. Boxes and bins made from this material can be recycled and used multiple times.


Pet Habitats

Many pet owners are starting to discover the benefits of using corrugated plastic for pet habitats. The plastic does not absorb water and is easy to clean. The fact that the material can be easily cut and altered, pet owners can create unique, customized cages for their pets. Cages made from corrugated plastic are also a cost saving alternative to store-bought cages. Users can also add hinges and other items to make the plastic more convenient to use.



Some homeowners are starting to use corrugated plastic roofing as an alternative to traditional, metal roofing materials. These types of roofs require very little maintenance and last a long time. Also, the light weight of this material makes it easier to install and decreases the cost of installation. Issues with leaking are a problem that a homeowner might face as the roofing ages.

Corrugated plastic sheets has many benefits. Its light weight composition, versatility and durability makes it a popular material. While it is commonly used for packaging and signs. The increasing popularity of the material is allowing people to discover new and more creative uses for it.