Leader of the Petra Group and Founder of Green Rubber Global

Datuk Vinod Sekhar, was honoured as “Global Visionary Leader of the Year” by ALDA (the American Leadership Development Association and Leaders International on March 5.

Aside from being a visionary leader, he’s recognised as a truly a global Malaysian – one who has achieved several international accolades and personally, is an individual who wishes for the world to be a better place. He’s known to many as a business leader, philanthropist, innovator and write. To others who know him personally, he is a loving husband and father.

In a social media posting, he wrote: “I’m very happy and humbled to share with all of you that I was given another award last night by ALDA. The night was made even more special by having friends, family and most importantly, my beautiful and smarter wife.”

Vinod is 45 and is currently the President and Group Chief Executive of The Petra Group. He is also the founder of Green Rubber Global, a Malaysian company that takes care of post-consumer rubber by using a recycling method that transforms old rubber into new rubber.

Vinod started his career in business while he was still a college student. He founded Vincent Siefer Clothing Co. and the Sitavani Foundation, which focuses its attention on the education of children and on child development programs. In 1990, he and his partners formed the STI Group and it created some groundbreaking businesses such as the world’s smallest optic engine. This was Southeast Asia’s first commercial Internet company, and a variety of other technology innovations.

Aside from being the founder of such innovative companies, winning a bevy of awards and being recognised for his achievements, he is also a writer of several plays and a book of poetry. A man of many talents, Vinod Sekhar also hosted Malaysia’s first English language talk show on television. He has also won several New York Festival Awards for his cutting-edge advertising campaigns. In addition to playing golf, tennis and squash, he has a black belt in judo and is an avid fan of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. He has more than 290 Disney ties. Vinod is married to Dr. Winy Sekhar; they have two daughters, Petra and Tara.

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