PP (Polypropylene)

Polypropylene sheeting is a plastic fabric that has a variety of uses in everything from items you use every day to high tech manufacturing. The polymer plastic is easily made into different forms such as pressed into plastic shapes or woven into fabric. It can also be made into a thin sheet that can be used for a variety of uses. With so many applications, it’s easy to see why polypropylene sheets are in high demand.

One of the most common uses for the polypropylene sheeting is that it is pressed into a thin sheet and is used as a protective barrier for a corrugated box. The corrugated box manufacturer presses the sheeting in between the layers of cardboard to not only make it sturdier and able to carry more weight, but it also prevents against water damage and breakage.

The PP sheet can also be used in a number of different manufacturing lines such as being formed into different forms for resale. Corrugated plastic is stiff and break-resistant, while still providing the lightness that allows the item to be carried from one place to another. A shooting board is also a great example of when polypropylene can be used to ensure that something has a stiff, slick edge that will remain that way for years to come. A shooting board is used to cut wood and making sure that wood slides along the cutting surface cleanly is important when you want to get an accurate cut. The polypropylene sheeting provides a surface that will last for years, but remains smooth enough that a piece of wood can slide along it without damaging the plastic.

Another common usage for the polypropylene sheets is that they are pressed into sturdy, light shapes to make anything from painting trays to kids’ toys. With so many applications, it’s easy to see why a PP sheet is a great alternative to other types of pressed plastic. It’s light and durable and it makes it easy to be pressed and formed into shapes. Making a plastic container is as easy as taking the polypropylene sheets and having a manufacturing plant press them into the shapes and sizes that you want. Since plastic containers hold everything from food to housewares to industrial needs, it’s easy to see why the sheeting is so popular.

Polypropylene sheeting has a number of uses in both household and commercial uses so it’s no wonder why the material has become so popular with everything from plastic sheeting used as drop cloths for painting to the plastic sheeting that covers baby beds and diapers to prevent spills. Next time you purchase an item, think of all the uses that polypropylene sheeting may have with that item; everything from the packaging to the plastic wrap that was used to package them for transport on a truck.