Smart Ways To Repurpose Corrugated Boxes

Whether you are looking to save money, cut costs, reduce waste or take advantage of recycling opportunities, repurposing corrugated boxes will reduce clutter in the home or office and save you money as well. Many companies charge homeowners and businesses to dispose of cardboard. Finding alternative uses for boxes is not only smart, it is also necessary in many instances.


Durable Printer Paper Boxes: An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Plastic Totes

According to CLPG Packaging Industries, printer paper boxes are durable enough to hold everything from children’s toys in the playroom to files in the office. A sturdy printer paper box with a lid is also wonderful as a makeshift car trunk organizer for holding everything from soccer balls to jumper cables and water jugs. They also work great to keep grocery bags, and their contents, from rolling all over the back seat. Printer boxes also make great alternatives to laundry baskets. As an added bonus, many printer boxes already have side handle cutouts for easy carrying.


Disassemble Your Boxes: Common Uses in the Home and Garage

Corrugated cardboard boxes can be disassembled and used for a variety of uses around the home. Wrap a section of cardboard around a window, floor vent or air conditioning unit for instant insulation around any vent or window.

Cut cardboard also makes a great makeshift dustpan for larger debris and cleanup in any room of the home. For greasy undercarriage projects or oil changes in the car, cardboard boxes prevent spills and mess from staining your garage floor or driveway when placed directly under the work area.


Kids, Pets and Sunshields: Fun Uses for Repurposing Your Boxes

If you have pets in your home, a cardboard box makes a great pet bed or kitty litter box. Simply place a comfy blanket inside or your choice of scoopable cat litter, and you have an instant pet home or litter tray. If you also have small children, they will love having a hand in decorating and customizing your pet’s box.

A large piece of corrugated box also makes a great alternative to a foil sun shield in a car. It works much in the same way by preventing heat from entering the vehicle, keeping your car significantly cooler in the warmer months.

Your children will also find all kinds of ways to repurpose your old boxes. Older kids can use the boxes as goal posts when playing soccer or hockey. Younger kids will have fun painting the boxes and turning them into everything from a car to a fort or using them as large building blocks. Large pieces of cardboard from a corrugated box also make great sleds in the snow.

Dirty boots and shoes are no match for your homemade cardboard floor mats. When used in less conspicuous entryways and garages, these work just as effectively as welcome mats in preventing dirt and grime from entering your home or office.

In the kitchen, a piece of thick cardboard makes a great hot plate. Similarly, neatly-cut, spray-painted pieces of cardboard make great placemats for your dinner table.

Of course, there are also more common and obvious ways to repurpose your cardboard boxes. You can use them to for mailing and shipping purposes, for storage in the office, as a makeshift small bookshelf or as seasonal clothing storage. Avid sewers will love the idea of using cardboard for pattern making.

There are literally thousands of different ways to reuse and recycle your corrugated cardboard boxes. You will love the feeling you get from reducing waste and clutter, organizing your home and putting this simple item to use in your home or office.


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