The Everyday Fun Uses of Plastic Containers

plastic-containersPlastic containers are made with strong materials such as polypropylene sheets to firmly hold and organize items in the household.

Here are ten everyday household items that can be used in conjunction with plastic containers:

Yogurt Containers:

How doesn’t like the taste of a good yogurt? There are so many flavors out on the market right now to stimulate taste buds. In addition to taste, Yogurt offers a great source of calcium to help bones grow. Anyways Yogurt is stored neatly in small containers that come in packs or individual containers. They are easy to carry and travel with.

plastic juice bottlesJuice bottles/boxes:

Juice boxes come in fun little containers that are designed to appeal to the younger audiences. They are great to travel with on trips or school lunches. The covers of the containers are usually nicely designed showing of famous figures or brand characters. The easiness of operation on juice boxes work well with just about everyone.

Baby Wipes:

Baby wipes always should be carried with you everywhere you go when traveling with young children. You never know when the snot bomb or messy diaper will come around. It is always best to be prepared with at least one plastic container full of baby wipes. They are light and easy to travel with in a small or medium size bag. The containers will keep the wipes fresh and organized.

Parmesan Cheese Containers:

This handy cheese containers are great for cheese storage around the house. The container is the perfect size to keep the cheese organized and easy to divide out with the small holes at the top. This way you don’t go overboard on the cheese amounts. The containers fit in perfectly with other similar items without taking up to much room in the storage unit. Similar ground up ingredients work just as well in this container.

plastic salad dressing cupsSalad Dressing Cups:

The containers are perfect for keeping liquid salad dressings contained without spilling a drop. They are easy to bring to company lunches, catering events, parties, or just a friend’s house. The lids are perfect for measuring serving sizes helping with portion control. No need to overflow the lettuce heads with dressing.

Ice Cream Pail:

These types of containers are perfect for ice cream. How can you not like ice cream? Now there are so many ways to contain ice cream so none has to go wasted. The different size containers help with portion control when dishing out ice cream. The pails have a neat handle that can be carried easily just like a picnic basket.

Gum dispensers:

When you are walking through the store, there are so many gum dispensers sitting around on shelves. There are many different shapes, sizes, and flavors. The gum dispensers are the perfect size to carry around in a small bag or the palm of your hands. The small size also allows for easy access to chew on or hand out to friends or family. You can shake these as hard as you want and the gum won’t go flying out. It is totally secure.

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