Understanding the Applications of PE and EPE Foams

There are various foam materials that are produced in industries in order to solve several industrial and residential needs. The two most common types of foams are the PE foam and the EPE foam. They are useful in various industries that deal with packaging of delicate products and also various other different uses at home and industries. They are utilized for varied functions due to their qualities that specifically suit their uses.

EPE Foams and PE Foams in a Nutshell

The EPE (expanded polypropylene) beads often produce a closed-cell foam that is very flexible and one capable of offering a high degree of resilience. EPE foam is capable of withstanding deformations in a repetitive way and still manages to maintain its cushioning ability and dimensions. The PE one is produced mainly through the extrusion technologies. It is then shaped in different products that are semi-finished like blocks, sheets, tubes and profiles. The weight reduction that this foam gains when being manufactured enables it to gain its properties which enable it to do well in the various applications it is used for.

These two types of foams have certain salient features that enable them to function well in all the applications they are used for in industries and residential areas. They have a shock absorption and cushioning property, flexibility resilience, thermal insulation and they are also light weight. Other notable features include; moisture or water resistance, ease of fabrication, CFC free and they are also non-toxic, fungal resistant and hygienic.


They are generally used in various applications as stated below;


They are used in the packaging of several delicate and fragile products like TV, monitors, computers, electronic equipment, ceramics , glassware, UPS, surgical equipment among others. They shield equipment from external pressure and shock as they are shipped or transported from one place to the other. They are applied as corner pads, encapsulation blocks, buffers and also support pads to ensure that these delicate and fragile equipment reach their destination without breakages.

Automobile and Construction Industries

They are used in the automobile industries to act as protective pads in vehicle engines, roof tops and insulate driver cabins. They are also used in seat linings, carpet underlay, floor mats, car AC and sun visors for insulation purposes. In the construction industry, they are used as fillers in expansion joints, roof or terraces water proofing, sound barriers, foundation wraps and as false ceilings.


They are used in various sports like wrestling, children’s play grounds, taekwondo, judo and gymnastics to protect the players from getting hurt when they fall on the floor by reducing the magnitude of the impact. They are also used in jogging exercise mats and guarding the thighs and legs from impact during a game. This way they are able to reduce injuries from occurring or reducing the injury extent.

Lastly, the PE foam is used to insulate the pipes used in central heating functions. They are also used for sound absorption and heat insulation especially on roofs to keep sounds and heat from the room. All of the above are some of the useful applications of these two foams.

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